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How La Huerta del Pueblo was born?

“They are moments of solidarity with each other, the COVID-19 is the storm in which we all find ourselves sailing in it, only we sail in different vessels, in times like these or we face this together, or we sink separately, we need to re-activate the local economy, without it, will be difficult to think of an early coming back to normal economy.

We are dedicated to tourism, and given the impossibility of continuing to support the payment to our workers, we have embarked on a path parallel to the desired objective, with La Huerta del Pueblo Fruit Shop we can help our producers by buying directly, supporting more than 9300 people who live in Sayulita and its surroundings. We have managed to activate our work team, to support giving away just over 1,200 food pantries to low-income families.

With your purchases you contribute to continue supporting more and more families day by day in advance. A thousand thanks to all the people who have donated a little to those who need it and right now it means a lot. Thank you”

Luis Verdín

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Little by little, a little becomes a lot

We have a work team with the desire to help our community through this situation that affects us all

- la huerta del pueblo -

The best products at lowest prices

visit us, we are in front of the baseball field

We have home delivery service at no cost. Our working hours are 7 a.m. at 10 p.m. everyday.

We provide free delivery service to the nearby towns at San Ignacio, San Quintín and Guamúchil every two hours from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Orders to 322 160 9860.

We will continue to send help with fruits and vegetables to families and people unable to acquire these products at this difficult time.


From each sale, a portion will be donated to bring food to families and people who lost their jobs and income due to the COVID-19 World Pandemic. Your donations are important to help our food donation program continue. Now is when we most need to be united and support those most in need.

fruits and vegetables packages donated

Do you want to help? Your donation is very important so that we continue reaching out to people and families with limited resources, who in these times are struggling to bring food and products to the table. With your help we have come to distribute packages of fruits and vegetables to these places and to the people who need it. All donations are in MEXICAN PESOS. First of all, Thank You.

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We are working to form a foundation in which we can partner with different organizations and continue helping people who need it.

Our products are directly from the producer, ensuring freshness and quality at the best price​

really fresh products​

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La huerta del pueblo

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